Toyota Front Off Road Bump Stops - 96-02 3rd Gen 4Runner, 96-04 1st Gen Tacoma - No Lift Required
Toyota Front Off Road Bump Stops - 96-02 3rd Gen 4Runner, 96-04 1st Gen Tacoma - No Lift Required
Toyota Front Off Road Bump Stops - 96-02 3rd Gen 4Runner, 96-04 1st Gen Tacoma - No Lift Required
Toyota Front Off Road Bump Stops - 96-02 3rd Gen 4Runner, 96-04 1st Gen Tacoma - No Lift Required
Toyota Front Off Road Bump Stops - 96-02 3rd Gen 4Runner, 96-04 1st Gen Tacoma - No Lift Required

DuroBumps Toyota Front Off Road Bump Stops - 96-02 3rd Gen 4Runner, 96-04 1st Gen Tacoma - No Lift Required


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Durobumps Premium 3rd Gen 4Runner (1996-2002) / 1st Gen Toyota Tacoma Front off road Bump Stops (1996-2004) No Lift Required. DBF24R

DuroBumps premium 3rd Gen 4Runner / 1st Gen Tacoma bump stops are Proudly Made In The USA with dual durometer rubber. Providing smooth, progressive damping that greatly reduces hard bottom-outs. Allowing for greater control and comfort compared to OEM bump stops, which can feel rock-hard on contact. With DuroBumps, you’ll gain better off-road control and comfort and eliminate the “shell-shock” effect experienced when hitting larger bumps.

Upgrade your ride quality and shock absorption to the next level with DuroBumps! Whether you’re an off-road enthusiast or a daily driver. Our engineered bump stops can handle the toughest terrains and deliver exceptional performance. You can now say goodbye to the hard impacts caused by bottoming out shocks and suspensions, as our bump stops reduce or even eliminate them. Unlike other aftermarket alternatives, we offer the DBF24R bump stop with a unique 14° taper that ensures even contact upon engagement. Our DBF24R bump stops don’t limit your wheel-up travel compared to OEM bump stops while also increasing maintenance intervals by absorbing shock loads. Designed with a slightly taller profile, our bump stops compress under load to soften the impact just before reaching the ultimate stop. Upgrade today with DuroBumps and experience improved off-road control, performance, and comfort for your 3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner / 1st Gen Toyota Tacoma!

Order now and get the off-road performance you need with DuroBumps!

Double the Durobumps?

Are you looking to achieve even better performance for your 3rd Gen 4Runner / 1st Gen Tacoma? Well, you can actually install two sets of Durobumps on the front of your truck, giving you four in total! Let’s break it down: each lower control arm comes equipped with two OEM bump stops. Our DBF24R is the standard front set of bump stops meant to replace the OEM bump stop at the back of the Lower Control Arm. Usually, this leaves the front mounted OEM bump stop on the LCA in place. However, there is a way to replace this OEM front-mounted bump stop with a second set of Durobumps that will work in tandem with the rear-mounted DBF24Rs, providing significantly more compression load and four stages of increased progressive damping. If you’re interested in this modification, you can find the second set of Durobumps needed at DBF17T.

Toyota Tacoma off road front bump stops Features and Benefits

Improved handling – Dual durometer rubber allows DuroBumps to act as a secondary coil spring, with smooth engagement that progressively increases compression load in a predictable fashion.

No loss of up-travel – Will not reduce suspension/wheel travel.

Designed with 14° taper  When it comes to the Toyota 4Runner, the OEM bump stops are mounted to the lower control arm, which results in an issue where the bump stop fails to make square contact with the strike pad. Consequently, this causes shearing and damage to the bump stop. Fortunately, DuroBumps has designed their product with a 14° angle, specifically to address this shearing issue by ensuring even and square contact between the bump stop and the strike pad.

Mounts in OEM location – DuroBumps quickly and easily bolt into the OEM mounting location, ensuring a proper fit with no modifications required.

Increased Suspension Life  By absorbing shock load and preventing the suspension from bottoming out, DuroBumps greatly extend the service life of other suspension components. 

Small, compact, application specific – Designed to fit specific truck models. No “universal fit” or spacers are required.

Silent engagement – Unlike Hydro bumps, DuroBumps are whisper quiet on contact.

Solid mounting base – A Powder coated 3/16 inch steel base plate provides strong support and helps ensure solid mounting.

Premium bump stops – Proudly Made In The USA from the highest quality raw materials.

Provided mounting hardware – JIS 10.9 zinc-coated hex head metric bolts. With pre-applied thread locker are provided with every set of DuroBumps.

Note: For off-road use only. By installing this aftermarket bump stops on your vehicle, the user assumes all risk and liability. DuroBumps are not designed for towing applications. For further information, click here. Seller will not be held liable for any damages or loss associated with the installation or use of this product for any reason.

Vehicle Applications

1996-2002 Toyota 4Runer

1996-2004 Toyota Tacoma


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