Sherpa The Crow's Nest Universal Truck Topper Rack

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This aluminum roof rack, for mid & full-size trucks including the Tacoma, Tundra, and Raptor/F150, expands on our line up of tried and true rack systems. Our racks are some of the toughest on the market and are designed to get your gear to the places that matter the most. Explore more and worry less with our industry-leading ¼” thick aircraft grade aluminum side panels and stainless steel hardware.  Secure your gear by bolting into one of the extrusion crossbars or by strapping it directly to the side plates. This rack is “drill-free” and requires zero modification to your vehicle.

8 track nuts and a track system are required for install. 

ACLB = Access Cab Long Bed

DCLB = Double Cab Long Bed

DCSB = Double Cab Short Bed

The Sherpa Rack Edge

Stronger Alloys - All Sherpa rack systems make use of 6061 aluminum, over the competition’s 5052, for its superior strength and durability.

Thicker Materials - The materials used in their racks are 33% thicker in the side plates, mounts and wind deflectors.

Handles & Tiedowns - Their modular rack systems feature integrated handles and tie downs built right into the side plate profile.

Stainless Hardware - Worrying about rust is a thing of the past.

Rubber Roof Seals - They don’t believe in large globs of silicone, so most of their products employ rubber seals and washers to ensure your vehicle stays dry.

Direct Mounting - Sherpa's mounts distribute large loads efficiently by keeping the primary load path as short as possible, bolting directly to the crossbar.

Crossbar Slots - The side profile allows for more adjustability with larger slots and less fixed points when compared to the competition.

Adjustable Mounting - Over the years Sherpa has learned that no two vehicle roofs are perfect and they design their products to accommodate that so you can avoid the frustration.

Retains XM Antenna - While many racks on the market require you to replace your XM antenna, or alter the crossbar configuration, the Sherpa rack systems accommodate and protect it. This provides you with more mounting space and prevents the need for vehicle modification.

Tight Fit Sideplates - Along with the low profile, Sherpa matches their side plates to the curve of the vehicle. For most vehicles the sideplates ride within ¼” of the vehicle's curve. This allows for clearance when loaded while maintaining a nice appearance.

Flat Top Mounting - Sherpa racks have a truly flat top so that you can maximize crossbar contact and distribute loads evenly and efficiently.


Crossbars: Rack Weight: Load Rating:

5 (5') | 6 (6') | 7 (5.5') |

| 8 (6.5') | 9 (8')

35-50 lbs

300 lbs. Dynamic

600 lbs. Static

Recommended Sizes:

Mid Size Trucks:

2nd/3rd Gen Tacoma - 48"

1st Gen Tacoma- 43"

1st Gen 4Runner - 43"

1st Gen Tundra - 47"

Full Size Trucks:

2nd/3rd Gen Tundra - 53"

Ford F-Series - 56"

Dodge/Chevy/GMC - 56"


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