Powerbrake X-Line Big Brake Kit 2021+ Bronco 2.3


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Powerbrake X-Line Big Brake Kit Stage 1 2021+ Bronco 2.3 

(excl. Sport & Raptor models & excl. 2.7 models with E-booster) 21-on Stage-1: 6 Piston Caliper & 13.7" )

Stage-1: 6 Piston Caliper & 13.7" 1-Piece Rotor Wheel Size Required (Inch) 17

Powerbrake X-Line Big Brake Kits are the ultimate brake upgrade for your 4x4 vehicle. Designed for heavy-duty use on and off the road, X-Line Big Brake Kits provide superior stopping power and fade resistance, even under the most demanding conditions.

X-Line Big Brake Kit

  • Upgraded performance brake kits
  • X-Line billet 6-piston off-road calipers.
  • Larger diameter rotor maximized for the truck application
  • Rotor has internal curved, directional cooling vanes.
  • Billet caliper mounting brackets.
  • Stainless steel braided brake lines.
  • All necessary mounting hardware for quick, easy bolt-on installation.
  • Comprehensive install and bed-in instructions.


The rotors utilized in our X-Line 4×4 big brake kits are crafted from a proprietary high-carbon cast iron alloy, ensuring exceptional durability and stability even during high thermal loads experienced in both street and off-road driving. Notably, these rotors feature curved, directional cooling vanes, significantly enhancing cooling efficiency by maximizing surface area and airflow compared to factory or OEM rotor designs.

For the X-Line 4WD rotors, Powerbrake employ the proven “AT” slot pattern, striking a fine balance between functional aspects such as efficient removal of sand, mud, and water (especially when driving in rainy conditions or after river crossings) and practical aspects such as minimizing noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) during braking. This slot pattern also delivers excellent bite and release characteristics.

Caliper Construction

At Powerbrake, They firmly believe in the advantages of machining our multi-piston calipers from solid billet. All their calipers are precision-machined using high-grade aerospace aluminum billets. Although machining from billet is an expensive manufacturing method, it yields a final product with exceptional strength and rigidity.

Rotor Surface Coating:
All X-Line 4WD rotors feature a proprietary black surface coating. Before applying this coating, the rotors undergo chemical de-greasing to ensure the absence of machining fluids or contaminants that could negatively impact brake performance. The coating exhibits exceptional heat resistance and flexibility, preventing flaking or peeling during the rotor’s thermal expansion and contraction cycles.

X-Line 4WD rotors require no solvent-based cleaning or preparation. Simply make sure the car’s hub is clean and install the rotors as they come out of the box. The brake pads will remove the black coating in the pad track areas within the first 4-5 brake applications, while the un-swept areas of the rotor will retain the coating. Although the primary purpose of Powerbrakes rotor coating is to eliminate oils and contaminants during fitting (rather than providing corrosion protection), practical experience has shown that the non-swept areas of Powerbrakes coated X-Line 4WD rotors effectively resist unsightly surface rust formation, depending on environmental conditions. This results in a visually appealing appearance visible through the truck’s wheels and the perfect upgraded performance brake kits.

Rotor Maximum Temperature Recording (MTR) System:
All rotors feature our MTR system that provides a permanent record of the peak operating temperature reached by the rotor. This information is extremely valuable for understanding what is happening in your brake system. The thermal-paint tabs are applied to the outside diameter of the rotors (on both the inboard and outboard rotor plates). Each single-change paint color will change to white when a specific temperature is reached, hereby providing a record of the peak operating temperature of the rotor.

Blue paint changes color at 527 deg F
Green paint changes color at 860 deg F
Orange paint changes color at 1022 deg F
Pink paint changes color at 1166 deg F

Caliper Cross-Bolts:
The high-tensile caliper cross-bolts used in the assembly of our X-Line 4WD calipers are European sourced and coated with a silver zinc flake coating. This coating offers exceptional corrosion resistance, while having no negative effect on bolt strength at all. The bolt positions of our X-Line 4×4 calipers are the result of extensive FEA analysis and deliver optimum caliper rigidity. The cross-bolts are inserted into the caliper from the inboard side resulting in maximum wheel clearance which is important on 4WD trucks.

Caliper Surface Finish:
X-Line 4WD calipers are offered in two finish options: Red anodize (type-2) or Dark Gray hard anodize (type-3). The anodize dyes chosen for our Red finish provide excellent UV and temperature resistance, ensuring long-term color retention. The Dark Gray hard anodize is our most resilient finish.

Brake Pads:
The Powerbrake X-Line 4WD calipers (our upgraded brake kits) are designed around a pad profile which is available in wide range of brake pad compounds from most pad manufacturers worldwide. The PB05 brake pad compound are in Their opinion the very best pad compound on the world market for 4WD trucks. This ultra-high-performance material offers a big step up in performance and fade resistance over the pads that originally come with the truck. Stopping power, pedal feel and modulation are simply unmatched. In addition to the class-leading performance this pad compound will offer a good wear life and mileage.


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