MORRFlate Slide Valve
MORRFlate Slide Valve
MORRFlate Slide Valve

MORRFlate Slide Valve


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At MORRFlate, they are always looking for ways or ideas to make their kits better. Ball valves are good, but we have had issues with people over rotating them, or rotating them the wrong way and breaking them. Or the levers give extra opportunity to catch on things and bend or break off. So we made the valve simpler, stronger, and more ergonomic by designing our own custom slide valves.

The valve consists of a 1/4″ Male NPT threads on one end, 1/4″ Female NPT threads on the other end, and a 2 way valve in the middle that is opened and closed using the green collar. And, unlike any slide valves you can find off the shelf (or online marketplaces), this valve does not vent. Which makes it a perfect use for vehicle tire applications.

To open the valve and let air pass through, simply push the green collar up towards the male end (or your manifold if the valve is already installed on your MORRFlate kit).

To close the valve and keep air from flowing through, simply push the green collar towards the female end (away from your manifold if the valve is already installed on your MORRFlate).

Retrofit Installation Instructions

To retrofit and install on your MORRFlate Kit:

  1. Remove the 1/4″ Industrial Male Plug from the ball valve using a 9/16″ wrench.
  2. Remove the ball valve from your black “MF” manifold using a 5/8″ wrench.
  3. Thread the male end of the slide valve into the bottom port on the black “MF” manifold.
  4. Tighten down to roughly 12-15 ft/lbs using a 3/4″ (or 19mm) wrench.
  5. Retape the 1/4″ Industrial Male Plug threads with at least 3 wraps of PTFE tape.
  6. Thread the male threads on the 1/4″ Industrial Male Plug into the female end of the slide valve.
  7. Tighten down the 1/4″ Industrial Male Plug to roughly 12-15 ft/lbs using a 9/16″ wrench.

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