MORRFlate Single Tire Inflator-shops
MORRFlate Single Tire Inflator-shops
MORRFlate Single Tire Inflator-shops
MORRFlate Single Tire Inflator-shops
MORRFlate Single Tire Inflator – Shops

MORRFlate Single Tire Inflator - Shops

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We love our MORRFlate 4 Tire Off Road Tire Inflation & Deflation kits, and on the trails, we are sure you do too. But a lot of times, in shop or garage spaces, getting out a 4 tire kit just isnt worth it for airing up 1 tire off the shop air. So we took the single tire inflator and MORRFlate’d it for convenience, 21st century technology, and rugged durability.

The biggest issue we have found with single tire inflators out there, is the hoses are not long enough to really let you stand up while using them. Unless you are under 5ft tall, you pretty much got to get down on the ground either squatting or kneeling, in order to use 90% of the inflators out there. We give you enough hose to stand comfortably next to the vehicle rather than paining the knees and back. And, if you have a high pressure tire (110psi+), then we have the option for a 4ft whip so that you can stand away from the blast zone of a failing tire.

The next issue that we fixed is the issue of analog gauges. Analog gauges only read accurate within the center of their range, and can be upwards of 10-15% off out at the ends of the scale. So a 0-100 psi analog gauge can be upwards of 10-15 psi off down at 0 or up at 100. Our digital gauges read 1-150 psi in .1 increments, and are within 1% accuracy across their entire range.

Take those 2 things, and package them in a super rugged case to withstand the abuse and torture of shop spaces and off road recreation, and you have a winning combination that is super easy to use, with quality components, and won’t break from dropping on rocks or concrete over and over.


  • Heavy duty rugged casing to handle the abuse of shops and garages
  • 1-150 psi range, 1% accuracy across the entire scale, precision to .1 psi
  • 2.5ft tire whip to allow for standing up or 4ft for getting away from high psi tire applications (big rigs, heavy machinery)(select from the dropdown menu below)
  • Vinyl dipped handle for hand/skin insulation in cold shop environments
  • Back lit display
  • Bleeder valve
  • Comes with 1/4″ Industrial or 1/4″ Automotive plug (select from the drop down menu below)


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