AEV Winch Extension Straps
AEV Winch Extension Straps

AEV Winch Extension Straps

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AEV Winch Extension Straps

Adding a winch to your vehicle is one of the most important upgrades anyone who travels to remote locations can make. However, sometimes having just a winch is not enough. A Winch Extension Strap safely extends the length of your winch’s cable enough to reach your desired recovery or anchor point. If a vehicle recovery involves one or more snatch blocks, you are even more likely to come up short on cable, so keeping an AEV vehicle winch extension strap in your recovery kit ensures that your future recovery efforts will never fall short. To further maximize the service life of the AEV Winch Extension Strap, a unique edge guard was added for improved protection against cuts and abrasion. 

Part Number


Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS)

Working Load Limit (WLL)



23,520 LBS (10,668 KG)

5,880 LBS (2,667 KG)



31,360 LBS (14,224 KG)

8,575 LBS (3,889 KG)

Please note: Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) is the minimum force necessary to cause a recovery device to break or fail. Working Load Limit (WLL) is the recommended maximum force a recovery device is intended to safely support, when the force is applied in-line and through the centerline of the device. The WLL is calculated by dividing the Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) by a safety factor that is generally around 4-to-1. For example, the AEV Snatch Block has an MBS of 52,000 LBS, so when divided by a safety factory of 4-to-1, the WLL becomes 13,000 LBS.

Tech Specs:

Size: 3" x 30', 4" x 30' (HD)
Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS): 23,520 LBS (10,669 KG), Full-Size 31,360 LBS (14,224 KG)
Working Load Limit (WLL): 5,880 LBS (2,667 KG), Full-Size 8,575 LBS (3,889 KG)
Material: Polyester webbing w/ reinforced eyelets
Color: Polyester

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