AEV Ram 2500 HD Gas 3" DualSport XP8100 Suspension 2019-2024
AEV Ram 2500 HD Gas 3" DualSport XP8100 Suspension 2019-2024
AEV Ram 2500 HD Gas 3" DualSport XP8100 Suspension 2019-2024

AEV Ram 2500 HD Gas 3" DualSport XP8100 Suspension 2019+

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AEV Ram 2500 HD Gas 3" DualSport XP8100 Suspension 2019+

Today’s marketplace offers dozens of solutions for anyone looking to modify their truck’s suspension, from mild to wild and everywhere in between. There are suspensions designed for going fast, suspensions with flashy components designed for looking good standing still and even suspensions designed for rock crawling that maximize axle articulation and wheel travel. There is nothing wrong with having lots of options but what about a well-engineered, properly tuned suspension system that is designed for the people who rely on their truck every day in the real world and the people who also don’t want to sacrifice payload, ride quality or handling just to fit larger tires?

AEV’s 3” DualSport XP Suspension System for the 2019-2023 Ram 2500/3500 is focused on optimizing suspension/steering geometry and application-specific shock tuning to deliver the best possible on-road comfort and handling while also providing an ever broader spectrum of off-road performance, thanks to the AEV/Bilstein XP8100 Reservoir Shocks that are included in this system!

The DualSport XP Formula

HD Rams trucks are built with literally dozens of different spring rates based on the powertrain, wheelbase, options and more, so offering a generic “gas” or “diesel” spring would have been a huge compromise in ride quality and/or load carrying capacity. AEV retains the factory front coil springs and pair them with 3” cast aluminum coil spring relocation spacers to achieve the additional lift height. This allows AEV to take advantage of the full range of factory spring rates and frequencies while still providing the necessary front end lift.

AEV/Bilstein XP8100 Reservoir Shocks are included with the DualSport XP Suspension System. These 66mm reservoir shocks are constructed from aerospace quality billet components and tuned by AEV to work in perfect harmony with your outfitted HD Ram. When we tune shocks, we use the same target weight as our Prospector/Prospector XL turn-key conversions to ensure that you get the absolute best possible ride quality and handling, without the degradation in performance, commonly associated with the added weight of bumpers, winch, full size spare, tent, etc.

Steering geometry is corrected by way of AEV’s High Steer Kit, which includes a custom, no-drill forged drag link, AEV track bar and raised track bar tower. This system provides significant improvements to steering precision and handling by correcting the roll center height of the front suspension and bringing the steering geometry back into factory alignment.  This results in reduced body roll and bump steer, which are major contributors to the loose or sloppy steering and driver fatigue commonly associated with many lift kits.

For many of the same reasons that we chose to retain the factory front coil springs, 2” rear coil spring spacers are included with Ram 2500 suspension systems to provide the necessary lift height without sacrificing ride quality or load carrying capacity. AEV also includes a set of bump stop spacers, rear track bar relocation bracket, sway bar end links and a new power hop bracket (if applicable). The OE leaf springs are retained, and new cast iron blocks are installed to provide 2” of lift in the rear on Ram 3500 trucks. Ram 2500 Air Ride and 3500 Air Assist systems are also available.

Front Axle Relocation Kit

The factory radius arms are repositioned for optimal geometry, moving the axle forward 1.0”, which was engineered to use a 37″ tire. This provides a more neutral impact response, while also allowing more clearance for larger tires. A billet aluminum front driveshaft spacer is included to accommodate the new front axle positioning. We also offer a 1.6″ Axle Forward Kit, which was engineered to use a 40″ tire.

Some trucks, primarily 2019+, have been found to have incomplete factory welds on the front axle shock mounts. AEV suggests inspecting these mounts for complete weld coverage around the perimeter of the brackets attaching them to the axle tube. If mounts are found to not be welded completely, the welds should be completed by a qualified welder to reduce chances of bracket failure due to the increased forces from the 8100 dampers and mounting.

– If running smaller than 20” wheels, 6” or less of backspacing is required. Factory 18” wheels will not clear top-mount draglink.

 Carrier Bearing Kit (#NRM43400AA) is required for trucks with a two-piece drive shaft: 2500/3500 Crew Cab Long Bed, 3500 Mega Cab Short Bed, 2500/3500 Single Cab.

– Installation of this suspension system on a 2019+ Ram Power Wagon will require the purchase of new front and rear coil springs. Mopar PN: 68172091 (front) and 68091216 (rear)

Tech Specs:

Kit Contents: Active Vibration Damper Relocation Kit (Gas Engine Only), AEV Front Track Bar, Aluminum Front Driveshaft Spacer, Carrier Bearing Shim Kit (if applicable), Cast Aluminum Front Coil Spring Pad Relocation Mounts, Cast Aluminum Rear Coil Spring Spacers (2500), Front AEV-tuned Bilstein XP8100 Reservoir Shocks, Front Axle Relocation Kit (1” or 1.6” forward), Front Bump Stop Spacers, Front Track Bar Brackets, Hardware Pack, No-Drill Forged Drag Link, OEM Passenger Knuckle Machined with Tapered Insert, Power Hop Bracket (Gas Engine Only), Radius Arm Relocation Brackets, Rear AEV-tuned Bilstein XP8100 Reservoir Shocks, Rear Bump Stop Spacers, Rear Lift Blocks (3500), Rear Sway Bar End Links (2500), Rear Track Bar Relocation Bracket (2500), Rear U-Bolts (3500)
Application: 2019-2022 HD Ram 2500 (all engines), 2019-2022 HD Ram 3500 (all engines)

Installation Guides:

AEV 3" DualSport Front Suspension Installation Guide for 2019-2022 Ram HD

AEV 3" DualSport Rear Suspension Installation Guide for Ram 2500

AEV XP8100 Reservoir Shocks Installation Guide

AEV ProCal SNAP for Ram User Guide


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