Trail'd "Spare" Tire Auxiliary Tank 6G
Trail'd "Spare" Tire Auxiliary Tank 6G
Trail'd "Spare" Tire Auxiliary Tank 6G
Trail'd "Spare" Tire Auxiliary Tank 6G
Trail'd "Spare" Tire Auxiliary Tank 6G
Trail'd "Spare" Tire Auxiliary Tank 6G
Trail'd "Spare" Tire Auxiliary Tank 6G

Trail'd "Spare" Tire Auxiliary Tank 6G


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6 Gallons


29" L [Diameter]

Mount your fluid packs in the spare tire location using the existing spare tire hoist on your vehicle!!! No mounting hardware to purchase!

Trail'd "Spare" Tire Auxiliary Tank 6G

Stack up to 18 gallons with ease. At 29" in diameter with a center lifting point of 4.25" and just over 3" thick you can stack 3 packs together and be the width of the stock spare tire. Not limited to 4Runners. If your vehicle has a center lifting hoist and can fit a 29" tire then you should be good to go.

Enjoy the peace of mind that brings. Keep 6 gallons with you at all times in case of an emergency and add another 2 packs for your weekend outings for maximum capacity. Make sure you rotate the contents out every couple of months to keep it fresh.

Manufactured In the USA on the beautiful West Coast. These are made of heavy duty Linear Medium Density Polyethylene*, are FDA approved for storing drinking water, and 100% recyclable!! The limit of their use is up to your imagination.

When used for storing water, the non-transparent pack provides UV protection prohibiting algae growth allowing for extended periods of storage* Use it to store water for a camping shower. Set the pack in the sun to warm the water then pour it in your shower bladder or fashion an on/off spout and shower directly from the pack.

Make it your own and add an electric pump or a foot pump and run a hose up to your kitchen or roof rack. Make it work best for your needs. Keep the extra weight low on your vehicle by securing them at the center of gravity of your vehicle and reduce the affects of typical off-roading equipment mounted higher on the vehicle. Keeping weight low on the vehicle maintains a more stable vehicle in all conditions. This also free's up the space on the outside, or top, of the vehicle for other items that need to be readily accessible.



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