Sunflare Xplor Flex 60 180W Flexible Solar Panel
Sunflare Xplor Flex 60 180W Flexible Solar Panel
Sunflare Xplor Flex 60 180W Flexible Solar Panel
Sunflare Xplor Flex 60 180W Flexible Solar Panel
Sunflare Xplor Flex 60 180W Flexible Solar Panel

Sunflare Xplor Flex 60 180W Flexible Solar Panel

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Sunflare Introduces Capture4 solar technology, the first high-precision,
cell-by-cell manufacturing process for exceptional performance and durability.
The environmentally cleanest method of massproducing solar panels in the world.

Won’t Crack Under Pressure
Traditional cells are made with silicon, which is brittle. Flexing creates cracking
in the cell. These cracks reduce the energy output over time. Sunflare has a
flexible stainless steel substrate with a mere micron of chemical the combination
eliminates micro-cracking

Easy Installation
Fast and low cost installation. Adheres with best quality double sided tape and
no roof penetrations

Sunflare modules have bypass diodes on each individual cell. This means that
when a cell is being shaded, only that individual cell will be inactive. Therefore,
the power output of the module will be proportional to the amount of the module
being shaded, i.e. if half of the module is shaded, you should expect half of the
rated power output.

180W Module Specs

Dimension:  65.4±0.1 in X 38.9±0.1 in 

Weight: 5 kg (11 lbs) 

Module Thickness: 1.7 mm 

180W Electrical

Peak Power  (+5/-0%) : Pmax  180W

Avg. Panel Efficiency : 17.0%

Peak Power Voltage :  Vmpp 27.9V

Peak Power Current : 6.2A

Open Circuit Voltage : Voc 36.0V

Short Circuit Current : Isc 7.4A

180W Mechanical

Solar Cells : CIGS

Junction Box : IP-65, MC4 Compatible

Hot Spot Protection : Bypass Diodes Per Cell

Temperature F ( C ) : -40° F to + 185° F

Max Load : Wind / 50 psf, 2400 Pa Front  and Back.

Impact : 1 in Hail at 52 mph (23 m/s)


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