Without questions, Timbren has demonstrated leadership in the development of rubber spring technology. After many years of continuous experimentation and innovation, the dedicated people at Timbren have gained - through practical experience - a through understanding of the dynamic characteristics and properties of rubber.

      Their long- term vision is to become a world-leading brand in the suspension upgrade industry

      For the last 55 years, they have carefully researched and designed each product to meet the highest engineering standards. They are an ISO 9001 registered company committed to manufacturing products of the highest quality for you.

      Timbren regularly test their products - both in-house and with third parties to ensure that you get quality, long-lasting performance. Additionally, their proprietary trailer suspension designs are tested at General Motors Automotive Center for Excellence (ACE) at the University of Ontario.

      And as a family-owned and operated business, you get the satisfaction of knowing your new suspension parts are made by vehicle and off-road enthusiasts, for vehicle and off-road enthusiasts. Outfitting your suspension with parts made by industry specialists is the key to finding the correct, high-quality and long-lasting suspension upgrades you need.