KRAVE is the Canadian Dealer & Distributor for all Morrflate Products

      A Note from Tyler Laursen, Owner and Founder of MORRFlate (2022):
      Holy cow what a journey! I started this project in 2016 when I did what a lot of you probably do… Got sick of running around my rig and squatting at my tires twice per trip. I then proceeded to pop the hose, cut my hand on the hose clamps, break one of the fittings on the Rubicon, and wear down my valve stem threads and change my valve stems within 2 years. Over time, and driven by extreme laziness to not squat at my tires any more, I found better parts, higher quality fittings, durable hoses, and put it all together in a complete package that is simple, refined, and easy to use. Fast forward, with friends and local 4×4 clubs asking for kits, I started an online storefront. Since the blowup of outdoor recreation during COVID-19, we have incorporated, got a warehouse, and are able to start providing jobs surrounded by a pretty damn awesome industry and fun atmosphere.