Elka Suspension

Elka Suspension


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      KRave aligns with the top Canadian suspension manufacuturer in Elka suspension. We chose Elka because they are building Canadian suspension for Canada. Our winters and road conditions are harsh. If you are looking for high performance suspension that will last, choose Elka.

      Elka Suspension Inc. is a Canadian manufacturing company founded in 2000 with the mission to provide the ULTIMATE RIDE EXPERIENCE to AUTOMOTIVE ENTHUSIASTS through shock absorbers adapted and calibrated for their vehicle’s geometry. 

      Elka's products are designed to improve the handling, comfort and performance of the vehicle for which they are specifically designed for. All of our products are built-to-order according to various factors that are specific to each customer such as vehicle model, intended use and more. This is why we offer a variety of models to choose from that address specific needs in terms of performance, adjustability and price.