Ark Splash Guards

Ark Splash Guards




      Off-road enthusiasts often encounter the issue of ineffective splash guards for their vehicles. The original guards on many trucks are prone to breaking down after a few off-roading trips or changes in temperature, leaving the engine bay exposed to the elements. The options available in the market are typically made of cheap and flimsy materials or expensive and easily damaged alternatives. Additionally, the gap between the body of the vehicle and the tires can become filled with debris, causing damage to the undercarriage and critical components.


      To address this problem, Ark's founder, an avid off-roader himself, set out to create a better solution. He worked with a friend who had access to high-quality rubber sheets to design and test prototypes for splash guards and gap fillers. After hours of work, he finally created a splash guard that provided full coverage and a perfect fit, made of durable rubber that wouldn't get shredded after a few uses. The gap filler was also designed to fit perfectly between the body of the vehicle and the tires, preventing debris from entering the undercarriage. With this solution, Ark Splash Guards was founded with the goal of providing durable, long-lasting, and effective splash guards and gap fillers for off-roaders everywhere.