What is a pre lift inspection?  How does it help me?

What is a pre lift inspection? How does it help me?

Getting a lift kit is a super exciting journey!  

At KRave we really value your experience to be fun and for you to be safe.  We see great value for our guests getting a pre lift inspection on trucks that may require additional parts not included with the lift kit.  It may sound crazy but we have seen seized parts as low as 30,000 kms or 2 years old.  There are items on your truck that can wear out or be damaged from usage.  This is more common to find on vehicle over 3 years or 60,000 km, however a previous owner of a new to you Toyota may have jumped the truck and damaged some parts. 

Our intention of a pre lift inspection to help with being proactive in finding seizures or worn out parts prior to the lift.  You may have been saving up for this sweet new lift kit, but performance of that kit and the wear on those awesome new tires could be hurt by unsafe factory truck components.  If you are a person that likes to be proactive and wants to make sure your truck is solid, you may see great value in doing a pre lift inspection before the day you book into the shop for a new lift kit.  We want your experience to be fun, its hard  for that to happen if you have a lift kit half removed before you learn there is an additional $1000 of parts and labor required to make the truck drive home safe and solid.

Please think about a pre lift inspection if your truck has not been regularly maintained or inspected by a journeyman mechanic.  As much as we would like to help you lift your truck, it means more to us to put that money into your safety and a solid truck foundation to keep you operating smoothly on the trails!