What is a KR package?

What is a KR package?

KR Packages: I guess we should start with the funny way KRave has been spelt!  The founders of KRave are Kyle and Ryan.  Since Ryan and I(Kyle) were kids we always felt a powerful desire to modify our vehicles and we craved the next way to personalize our trucks.  Ryan's wife Mary had a brilliant play on words and changed the C in "crave" to K, and we had KRave Automotive!

Following the KR is always a 2 digit number, well until we figure out how to install a 100" tall tire onto a Toyota truck!  At this time our current KR packages start at a KR32 and go up to a KR37.  The 2 digit number is representing the size of the tire, so a KR37 build will have a 37" tall tire.

We were looking for a way to help make the build process flow more smoothly and help save our customers time.  After reviewing the build process we noticed the foundation of the build had similarities and trends that aligned with the desired tire size of our guest.  So our KR packages were born to help save you time finding the foundation that best resonates with you. 

Our guests usually come in now asking for consultation on 2 packages so we can build the best truck for them.  While I may choose to run 37" tires on my Tundra, I feel there are some great reasons to run a 32" tire on a 3rd gen Tacoma.  

Our goal is to help build the best truck for your needs and hobbies.  Please use the KR packages to help find 1 or 2 packages that best resonate with you.  Once you have that narrowed down let our build consultants help you with a detailed quote specific to your needs and wants.  Please don't forget, we specialize in custom truck builds and can always use the 2.5 resi suspension on a KR33 4runner.  We can help install new gear ratios in a KR32 Tacoma, yes its been done and benefits are mind blowing!

Stop by the shop to see these trucks and accessories in person for the best build experience!  Alternatively send and email, make call, a text or let us video call you so we can help build you your dream Toyota 4X4!