Vill Van Der Merwe

Partner - Sales & Marketing Manager


Vill's love for adventure began at a young age while growing up in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa. After relocating to Canada in 1998, his initial off-road experiences involved snowmobiling in Newfoundland and riding ATVs in the Crowsnest Pass of Alberta. As an adult, he developed a deep appreciation for the backcountry, engaging in activities such as ski mountaineering, backpacking, and scrambling. For a decade, Vill worked in the oil and gas industry as a petroleum geologist. However, his passion for photography and interest in off-roading / overlanding prompted him to seek a new path. Today, Vill serves as an Owner and Sales and Marketing Manager at KRAVE Automotive. During his leisure time, he relishes off-roading and camping adventures with his family, always in pursuit of the perfect shot, forever chasing the light.

Work experience and education before krave

BSc (Honors) Degree in Geology from the University of Calgary. Spent 10 years in the Oil & Gas industry working in heavy oil and the deep basin of AB & BC.

Favourite vehicle of all time?

2015 Toyota Tacoma (My first truck build)

Go-to camp meal?

Steak and Potatos

Current Vehicle and favourite modification?

2019 Toyota Tacoma & favourite mod is the SET tray and canopy