Keith Zorniak

Sales Manager


I grew up around cars my whole life and working on vehicles with my father and grandfather. My family was heavily involved in the hot rod and drag racing scene and owned a van/truck customization shop back in the day. I spent most of my weekends as a kid hanging out at the drag strip and camping. Custom vehicles and camping runs in my blood. In my former life I worked in the bicycle industry as technician and later a shop manager. Riding mountain bikes in BC got me into camping out of my truck, slowly over time the bikes stopped coming with me as I got into camping and building my truck. These daysyou can find me camping most weekends or fixing the truck after a good trip!

Work experience and education before krave

15 years in the Bicycle Industy, and attended SAIT for Business Managment

Favourite vehicle of all time?

My Grandfather's 56 Bel Air Drag Car

Go-to camp meal?

Canned Corned Beef Hash or Spam

Current Vehicle and favourite modification?

1996 Tacoma SR5, Big tires and Lockers