Why you need an AGM battery, or 2 in your truck!

Why you need an AGM battery, or 2 in your truck!

After encountering multiple issues such as premature battery failures, overboosted batteries, acid spill cleanups, corroded battery connectors, and short battery lifespan, I embarked on a quest to find a superior alternative. The exciting news is that I'm now approaching four years of embracing a remarkable solution, and my new experience has been absolutely outstanding. I believe it's high time to unveil this secret to my fellow off-roaders!

This revolutionary battery technology is known as Absorbed Glass Mat or AGM. It stands as a fantastic alternative to the conventional wet cell, lead acid, or flooded batteries that come as standard in most of our vehicles. While flooded batteries have their merits in specific applications, it seems that the only advantage they hold over AGM batteries is their lower price. This serves as a compelling example of the old adage, "you get what you pay for."

For those who embrace overlanding, which involves self-reliant travel to remote destinations, the importance of a reliable battery cannot be overstated. In my experience, equipping my vehicle with one or two AGM batteries has proven to be a wise and enduring investment.

Allow me to present a list of reasons why I hold my AGM battery in high regard:

1. Longer reserve capacity
With out my vehicle running I can run my lighting, electrical accessories or stereo around the camp longer.

2. Vibrant resistant nature
My rough road driving no longer shortens my battery life.

3. Slower self discharge rate
If you are to park your vehicle for a long period of time flooded batteries can loose approximately 1% of its charge every day.

4. No corrosive gas or liquid
You could mount a battery or second battery inside the cab of your vehicle and corroded battery posts are a thing of the past.

5. Maintenance free
Win, no more corroded battery terminals!

6. Can be mounted in any orientation
Also means no acid spilling when driving up or down steep grades.

7. Faster charging rate
Most AGM batteries can charge 5 times faster than flooded batteries.

8. Safety
In the situation of an accident a lead acid battery can leak acid or even explode.

9. Battery Cycling
Less damage is done or life is lost when cycling your AGM battery from full charge to discharged. Lead acid batteries are intended to run all the time at full or near full charge.

I'm a big fan of the dual battery setup because it enables you to configure the system in a way that ensures a consistently full starting battery and a dedicated accessory battery. In simple terms, you can amplify all the benefits mentioned earlier.