Ryan Zoschke

Journeyman Technician


Introducing Ryan, a connoisseur of the automotive world, a man of discerning tastes, and a true aficionado of life's finer pleasures. When he isn't meticulously fine-tuning engines, he indulges in the culinary delights of a well-cooked steak paired with the timeless elegance of potatoes. He understands that the symphony of flavors and textures in such a classic dish is a testament to the mastery of culinary arts.

In the world of transportation, Ryan's automotive passion is symbolized by his collection of three Toyota Land Cruisers, each a testament to the enduring legacy of both form and function. These meticulously maintained vehicles reflect his discerning taste for quality, reliability, and performance.

Work experience and education before krave

I worked at integra tire as a mechanic

Favourite vehicle of all time?

My land cruiser, except for when its broken

Go-to camp meal?

Steak and potatoes

Current Vehicle and favourite modification?

1995 toyota land cruiser, converting it to a manual