Damon De Guzman

Apprentice Technician


Some things about me, I’m a apprentice tech, who loves to go camping, hunting and some good grub, if I’m not out camping with the boy’s cooking some good grub, you’ll find me driving around!

My recent rigs I’ve owned are from a 4th Gen T4R to my 1st Gen sequoia, and my 2nd Gen sequoia build. If you’d like to see more follow my IG.

Work experience and education before krave

I’ve work at shops from automotive to heavy trailer back to dealership then ended up at krave!

Favourite vehicle of all time?

Id have to say a 70 series troopy would be sick!

Go-to camp meal?

Just good old bbq pork belly and some veg and rice! 🤙

Current Vehicle and favourite modification?

My current truck is a 1st Gen sequoia. Id have to say the lift and tires have gotten me to places where I couldn’t have with stock lift and tires!