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Sherpa Equipment Co.

Here at Sherpa Equipment Company we specialize in aftermarket roof racks and mounting accessories, currently supporting most Toyota models as well as Lexus, Ford and Porsche, with a number of new models being added to our lineup in the near future. We also make racks for truck toppers and caps which are more universal as they mount directly to a track system on top of the caps and are offered in a variety of lengths and widths. 
With the market more saturated than ever, it’s important to understand what product offerings are available to you. Not all rack systems are created equal. At Sherpa Equipment Company we believe in providing our customers with unmatched quality and attention to detail. We have spent years refining the modular aluminum rack system so that our customers can Adventure with Confidence. With this quality comes stronger alloys, thicker materials, built in handles and tie down locations, stainless hardware, rubber roof seals that do not require silicone, direct mounting, crossbar adjustability and tight fit sideplates that follow the curvature of each vehicle’s roofline. We proudly stand behind all of our products with our warranty program and pride ourselves with top notch customer support.

Located on the Front Range in Northern Colorado, we have access to some of the harshest and most diverse terrain in America right in our backyard. We take advantage of this brutal testing ground and use it to provide some of the toughest racks on the market, allowing our customers to trust their rack will stand up to the test, wherever their next adventure might take them.

Not only are our products tested from day one but they are continuously tested and revised through the day-to-day life here at Sherpa Equipment Company. We believe that revision and constant testing is necessary to provide the best products possible. We are constantly finding new ways to test and improve our products. It’s why we offer the strongest side plates in the industry and one of the first to integrate black oxide stainless hardware into our racks. This level of constant revision is difficult to achieve and it has become ingrained into the day-to-day at Sherpa. It is who we are as a company and we are proud of it. The end result gives our customers products they don’t have to worry about failing when they need them most.

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