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Camburg long travel race truck

Full send with a serving of Stoke!

“The race truck build was pretty unexpected. I mean, I always wanted a long travel set up but I didn’t expect to actually do it. With The beefiness of the Camburg upper and lower control arms plus the size of the shocks I’ve been pretty comfortable with pushing my previous limits knowing that the truck can handle and take on what ever I throw at it. The “baja” look and culture behind this build don’t often show the capabilities of true trail running but being here in Alberta I hope to push this truck through more and more wild trails!

This build to me is a way to get out, Rip and enjoy both the flat and rocky terrain that is available to us while also enjoying the comfort of a smooth ride.”

  • SCS BR6 17×9 -38mm – Black w/ Gold sticker
  • Maxxis Razr M/T 315/70R17
  • King 2.5 Adjustable reservoir coil overs
  • King 3.0 Triple Bypass rear shocks
  • King 2.0 Hydro bump stops
  • Camburg race series 3.5″ long travel kit
  • Camburg long travel bed cage 
  • Camburg performance spindles
  • Deaver spring under leaf springs
  • Nitro 5.29
  • C4Fabrication Hybrid +3″ front bumper
  • Smittybilt X2O synthetic
  • Factor 55 Flatlink Expert and Hawse Fairlead
  • OK Expedition full skid plates
  • Off camber fab rear bumper
  • OV Tune
  • Switch Pros SP-9100
  • Diode dynamic 30″ light bar
  • Diode dynamics SS3 Fog light
  • Diode dynamics SSC2 bumper lights
  • Rigid industries rack lights
  • Alpharex tail lights
  • Fiberwerx 6″ front & 3″ rear fiberglass
  • KRave stage 3 Fender clearancing
  • RA motorsports bedrack
  • NFab tire carrier
  • RA motorsports roof rack

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