KRave KRew

We view the world as a place to travel and explore.  We like to choose the road less travelled, and love the adventure that comes along with the journey.  In fact, we consider the journey to be just as important as the final destination.  Because of this, KRave Automotive was born. 

Our team of enthusiasts are proud to offer over 90 years of combined automotive experience.  Whether helping to guide a vehicle build, provide access to the highest quality parts in the industry, or make sure your pride and joy is running perfectly, we would love to work with you! 

Kyle, Ryan and KRew  

As of October 2020, KRave automotive celebrated 3 years of business! Some great things are happening from this KRew, and we are very proud to have assembled an outstanding team of Toyota enthusiasts.  Below is our team in order of joining the KRew!  

Ryan Quiring

Ryan (@ryanbquiring) is the co-founder of KRave with Kyle. You will find him driving a 2006 Toyota Tacoma DCLB Auto that has over 600,000 km's, that is the equivalence of driving around the world 15 times! I'm excited to see if we can get this truck to a million km's! Oh, and did we mention that it’s supercharged!?
Before Ryan had his learners license he had already removed and reinstalled his first engine. He holds a Journeyman Technician ticket from SAIT and most of his Journeyman years were spent working with Toyota. He loves fabricating, suspension tuning, setting up gears, and engine tuning. His ingenuity knows no bounds and he’s been the one behind all of KRave’s custom processes. We don’t call him the doctor for nothing. He’s a genius!  One thing about Ryan’s truck that you may notice is that it never looks the same. That’s because he is always working on ways to make it look and function better. With about 6” of lift, running some sweet custom Elka shocks and 37X13.50R17 tires, this thing is a beast! Ryan is always up for a good challenge and a ton of fun to wheel with.
When he’s not tinkering in the shop or wheeling, Ryan spends a lot of time with he’s amazing wife and kids.

Kyle George

Kyle George (@rockymountainyota) is the co-founder of KRave with Ryan. He drives a 2010 Toyota Tundra DCLB Limited with 300,000 +km's. With his Journeyman Parts ticket, Business Diploma, 15 years work experience with Toyota and a love for Toyota trucks, he brings great experience to help you with your Toyota build.

Kyle has a sense of adventure like nobody else I know. Always looking to find another new trail or road to explore, Kyle will certainly impress you with where he is willing to take his Tundra. One of my favorite parts about wheeling with Kyle is getting out with his son Lukas. At almost 4 years old, he’s got the Toyota bug. Unfortunately he might have picked up some of his dads line choice habits.
If there is something you need for your Toyota, Kyle is your man and his infectious enthusiasm will surely make your day.


Derrick Candido

Derrick was our very first team member of KRave!  He drives a 2017 Toyota Tacoma DCSB TRD Sport Manual. His truck came to us with a few small mods like a tonneau cover and used side step bars purchased from Ryan on Kijiji before he joined the KRew, small world in the Toyota network!  Shortly after starting with us he had his lift kit installed.  He worked hard and saved up for some new FN Wheels and some 33" tires.  This truck keeps getting better!  Now multiple styles of suspension and tires have been tested on his truck.  He loves camping with his family and has truck has now morphed into an overland machine with a Front Runner roof rack, 40" dual row light bar, ARB awning with room, RCI bed rack, Treeline tent, RCI sliders, Element skids, Coastal Offroad bumper, Smittybilt winch and an OV tuned engine.  Its a blast to watch Derrick drive, he has tackled our hardest trips like Hells Revenge and Top of the World, Moab!  Derrick was referred to us by a close friend in the industry.  Our friend Phil was his automotive instructor while attending the Motive Action trades program.  Derrick has shown KRave great loyalty and dependability.   We look forward to Derrick getting his Journeyman Technician ticket under the mentorship of our Journeyman Ryan, Alex, Kevin and Jeremy!


Dylan Johnson

In a previous Toyota work life Dylan, Ryan and Kyle worked together. Dylan really proved himself on the parts team when he was finishing high school. After we started KRave he was always stoked on our builds, asking to run KRave stickers and was figuring out ways to install negative -10mm wheels with larger than stock tires while having no lift on his stock 4th Gen 4runner. It was only natural to draft him to the KRave KRew when he finished his business diploma. Since joining our team its been amazing seeing the advancements he has made in his work skills, person skills and of course his 4 runner. Now running 35" tires and -38mm wheels, his passion for a wicked stance has not changed. His vehicle has really transformed over the last couple of years. Always super stoked to be out in his truck or hiking in the mountains, Dylan has a strong desire to be out exploring. He sometimes has so much fun, he chooses to stay out overnight with no plans to do so! LOL. Dylan has been an amazing addition to the KRew and we hope he chooses to come back home after he earns his Business Degree. In the mean time Dylan will still be working with KRave part time while going to back to school. We can't wait for the next time we get to come give you a winch out buddy!


 Alex Navickas

What happens when you mix an Arts Degree and a Journeyman Technician ticket? You get Alex! @alexanavickas is our lead technician who has brought to our KRew an artists touch and expression to the technical side of our truck builds. Even his resume had an artistic mechanical touch.  After getting to meet Alex at a car show and learning about his passion we were stoked to have him join the team! Before starting at KRave he had already taken a 3rd Gen 4runner with a 4 cylinder, automatic and 2wd powertrain and converted the truck to a 4x4 with manual transmission!  On our first company camping trip Alex came flying into our lives with some entertaining air time with his 4runner. 3 wheels off the ground must have not been enough for him though as shortly after he had a custom turbo built and installed by himself to give the 4runner the extra speed he needed. A couple months later he arguably got all 4 wheels off the ground on Ryan's birthday camping trip! Not only is he an amazing guy, Alex’s love for sending it fits in perfectly with our KRew!  Alex has been an amazing addition to our KRew and we look forward to his new Elka suspension kit being installed to help him with his signature air time driving style!

Ryan Jansen

Ryan "Eugene" Jansen has the title for most Toyota's owned! He personally has a total of 5 Toyota's registered in his name and a total of 11 sitting at his families acreage. His fleet consists of two 1st gen Taco's, 2nd gen Taco, 4th Gen 4runner and a Mark II Supra named Alice. We had the pleasure of working with Eugene in a previous Toyota work life. He left to pursue his business degree and we were super happy to have him join the KRew after completing his 4 year degree. Over the last year he has really helped add organization to our inventory like we learnt when taking Toyota University. We are much better organized because of his help. The KRew appreciates his tenacity to make processes better at KRave. Ryan will continue to help our KRew virtually while he goes back to school in New Brunswick to complete is MBA this fall. The man of many names will be missed dearly. Jenkins we wish you the best on the east coast!

Cam Mueller

What happens when you have an Automotive Business Diploma and drive an 80 series Land Cruiser? You start a career at KRave! Cam (@mrcbike)was originally a customer that had us help him install and supply his sweet Dobinson suspension onto his Land Cruiser. We had a lot of fun with each other during the build and it felt very natural to have him join the team when he asked if there were any opportunities. Cam has this smile and laugh which can make you feel like you have been friends for years. You will find this smile at the front desk welcoming you into the candy shop. He has a very long list of Toyota ownership experience, he even has a turbocharged Toyota Chaser for his summer Street Cruiser. He is very passionate about everything Toyota and is one of our most active outdoor enthusiasts. Almost every weekend he has his LC80 loaded up and headed for adventure. You may find him on the rivers/lakes fishing, mountain biking or camping on a road less traveled. We are very grateful to have Cam at the front desk as he is sure to make you feel welcome.


Kevin Davies

Kevin was another KRave customer before he joined the KRew.  Both Kevin and his wife Braylyn are Toyota and outdoor enthusiasts, hence why they own a 3rd Gen Tacoma Offroad and a 5th Gen 4runner Offroad!  Its awesome seeing his Tacoma has already started its transformation from relatively stock, next in line is some new Elka suspension and larger tires.  Kevin brings to our team a Journeyman Technician ticket and many great years of experience!  When Kevin is not at work you will find him and his wife driving to the most remote location possible, and then adding a hike and remote camp site to make sure they have found the ultimate secluded spot.  If they are not camping or hunting, you will catch them playing with their 2 dogs.  In the short time Kevin has been with the team, we have been super excited to see his quick growth and awesome fit with the KRew!

Ashton Leiper

It was Ashtons great cover letter that got her an interview and her knowledge and passion for the automotive industry landed her on the KRew. She had already owned a BJ60, 1st gen pickup and a handlful of 4runners. She has dreams of owning an FJ40 but until that time you will finding her driving another 2nd gen 4runner. She came to us from another customization shop that has had the pleasure of sending trucks built down to SEMA which is very cool. Ashton loves offroad Toyotas and fast cars, hence why she owns a 4runner and an Evo X. You will find Ashton and her warm welcome when you come in the front door of KRave. Ashton also loves meeting and helping people with building up their sweet Toyotas. She has really grown quickly in her new role and has adapted well to the fast paced environment at KRave.  She is currently a 1st year Parts Person apprentice, looking to get her Red Seal ticket.  We are very happy to have Ashton part of the KRew!

Justin Jorgensen

How could we not hire a guy that has a Toyota truck tattooed on his leg?!?! Justin was a long time customer of KRave before he joined the KRew. We had the pleasure of helping accessorize, repair and maintain his 3rd Gen 4runner. He has a long history of of parts experience and has a dream to get his Journeyman Partsperson ticket with Kyles red seal supervision. Justin has a diploma in Digital Film Making, we are excited to see if he brings a camera on our next excursion. When not cranking gangster rap music in his 4runner you can find Justin at the shooting range or long boarding. We are excited to help you get your Red Seal ticket Justin!

Jeremy Kisko

We are super excited to now have 4 Journeyman technicians at KRave! Jeremy brings with him many years of experience from another Toyota specialized shop. He originally came to the Toyota car world as his platform of choice when doing auto cross. He had sweet 1st Gen 4runner convertible and his current exploration vehicle is a 3rd Gen 4runner. He is most passionate about electrical, diagnosis, fabrication and engines. When not working on Toyota's you will find him snowboarding, camping or mountain biking. It’s great to have another talented technician in the shop and we look forward to see him grow with our team.

Matt Estabillo

We knew it wouldn't be long until a Journeyman Welder would be a great asset to have on the KRew! While we have some amazing fabricators on the team, its awesome to have someone with a B pressure welding ticket. Matt is a great fit as he has owned a 1st, a 2nd and a 3rd Gen Tacoma. He is super stoked to be able to start building some armour for his sweet 3rd gen on 35's. When not laying down some beads you can find him building up his Tacoma for his future trip to Alaska or jumping out of a helicopter on the top of a mountain with his bike! We’re stoked to have Matt on the team and excited to see what projects are in our future together.

Vill Van Der Merwe

We are super excited to have Vill as our new Sales and Marketing Manager! When we opened the doors to KRave 3 years ago, we would have never guessed that Vills supercharger install would blossom into such a strong family friendship.  The stars aligned as Vill was looking for a shop to turn his Tacoma into Beast mode and KRave was grateful to have such a great owner and truck to showcase our passions.  Vill was so inspired by our cause he started volunteering his time to KRave.  He is passionate about photography so he starting capturing great photos of our awesome adventures together.  His
family also loves to explore, the Tacoma allowed us all to travel to such amazing places over the last 3 years.  He then volunteered to take over our social media accounts to share these great pictures and our brand with the world.  He even volunteered to organize weekend trail clean ups with our great customers.  We could not have found a manager with more heart or one that understands our culture better.

What started with a client relationship has evolved into gaining a best friend. Vill, his wife Jen and their son Vinny are excited to now officially join the KRave KRew! We have a vision and the Van Der Merwe's are excited for the new journeys this KRew has coming up in the future! @geoscoutadventures