KRave KRew

We view the world as a place to travel and explore.  We like to choose the road less travelled, and love the adventure that comes along with the journey.  In fact, we consider the journey to be just as important as the final destination.  Because of this, KRave Automotive was born. 

Our team of enthusiasts are proud to offer over 40 years of automotive experience.  Whether helping to guide a vehicle build, provide access to the highest quality parts in the industry, or make sure your pride and joy is running perfectly, we would love to work with you! 

Kyle, Ryan and KRew  

As of October 2019, KRave automotive celebrated 2 years of business! Some great things are happening from this KRew, and we are very proud to have assembled an outstanding team of Toyota enthusiasts.  Below is our team in order of joining the KRew!  

Ryan Quiring

Ryan is the co-founder of KRave with Kyle.  You will find him driving a 2006 Toyota Tacoma DCLB Auto that has over 600,000 km's, that is the equivalence of driving around the world 15 times!  I'm excited to see if we can get this truck to a million km's!  Before Ryan had his learners license he had already removed and reinstalled his first engine.  He holds a Journeyman Technician ticket from SAIT. Most of his Journeyman years were spent working with Toyota.  He loves fabricating, suspension tuning, setting up gears, and engine tuning!  

Kyle George

Kyle is the co-founder of KRave with Ryan.  He drives a 2010 Toyota Tundra DCLB Limited with 300,000 km's.  The day he picked up this truck he was shopping for a Tacoma.  Due to a great suggestion by his wife, he looked at this Tundra and he fell in love.  It was totally stock then and has seen many different shapes over the last 8 years!  Before he had his drivers license he had completely disassembled his first truck right down to the frame, unfortunately he was not as smart as Ryan so his truck did not get put back together.  All the parts however were all itemized on a shelf when done.  I guess that's when he fell into the parts side of this trade.  With his Journeyman Parts ticket, Business Diploma, 15 years work experience with Toyota and a love for Toyota trucks, he brings great experience to help you with your Toyota build! 

Derrick Candido

Derrick was our very first team member of KRave!  He drives a 2017 Toyota Tacoma DCSB TRD Sport Manual. His truck came to us with a few small mods like a tonneau cover and used side step bars purchased from Ryan on Kijiji before he joined the KRew, small world in the Toyota network!  Shortly after starting with us he had his lift kit installed.  He worked hard and saved up for some new FN Wheels and some 33" tires.  This truck keeps getting better!  Now multiple styles of suspension and tires have been tested on his truck.  He loves camping with his family and has truck has now morphed into an overland machine with a Front Runner roof rack, 40" dual row light bar, ARB awning with room, RCI bed rack, Treeline tent, RCI sliders, Element skids, Coastal Offroad bumper, Smittybilt winch and an OV tuned engine.  Its a blast to watch Derrick drive, he has tackled our hardest trips like Hells Revenge and Top of the World, Moab!  Derrick was referred to us by a close friend in the industry.  Our friend Phil was his automotive instructor while attending the Motive Action trades program.  Derrick has shown KRave great loyalty and dependability.   We look forward to Derrick getting his Journeyman Technician ticket under the mentorship of Ryan and Alex!

Mason Johnston-Smith 

Mason holds the title for most Toyota's owned on our KRew.  Since he was 16 this young man caught our eye as he was always sporting a new to him Toyota and grew a beard like he was many years wiser!  His passion for Toyota 4x4's is what earned him a spot on the KRew.  You will always get a warm welcome from Mason when you come to KRave.  This young man is pursuing his Journeyman technician ticket under the mentorship of Ryan and Alex.  Masons second goal it import a diesel Toyota Surf!