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KR35 Tacoma build

Alex came into the shop with print outs of the KR7 and KRpro Tacoma builds. This not only inspired him to build his dream tacoma, it inspired us at KRave to make these build sheets of our builds. At the time Alex still owned a GMC truck. Two weeks later the truck was sold and he was rocking a new to him 2018 Tacoma. This build is the perfect representation of a KR35 Tacoma. The base is what KRave does best in building trucks with large offset wheels and big tires. The rest is what Alex dream in what he wants his truck to look like.

  • SCS Ray10 17×9 -38mm – Black
  • Yokohama Geolandar G003 35×12.5R17
  • Elka 2.5 Remote reservoir DSC 3″
  • SPC Upper control arms
  • OME Dakar medium duty leaf springs
  • Timbren U bolt flip kit 
  • Timbren front and rear bump stops
  • Total Chaos cam tab gussets
  • Total Chaos spindle gussets
  • Yukon gears 5.29
  • Greenlane Off-road Hybrid front bumper
  • Greenlane Off-road Hybrid sliders
  • OK Expedition Full skid plates
  • Smittybilt X2O winch
  • Factor55 Fairlead and Flatlink Expert
  • OV Tune
  • Northstar Group 27F AGM
  • Switch-Pros SP9100 
  • Redline hood struts
  • ARB Twin air compressor
  • Baja Designs Squadron sport Amber wide cornering
  • Baja Designs Squadron sport Amber driving combo
  • Baja Designs S2 sport Amber wide cornering
  • CBI ditch light brackets
  • KRave Stage 3 Fender Clearancing (CMC, pinch seam mod & Custom fender liners)
  • Prinsu cab rack 
  • Rigd ultraswing
  • Safari Snorkel (Coming soon)
  • Toyota Heritage grille
  • Blue ridge overland interior accessories 

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