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Stock Tundra Wheels

BF Goodrich – KO2 LT275/70R18

Elka – 2.0 IFP 2-3″ front coil overs and rear shocks
SPC – Upper control arms
OME – Dobinsons L59-121-R rear leaf springs
Timbren – Active off-road bump stopsĀ 

  • Topper: Rsi SmartCap with two half bins on each side
  • RTT: Quick Pitch Roof Top Tent mounted on Quick Pitch load bars
  • Awning: Quick Pitch 270 awning and Side wall kit
  • Shower/Privacy: Quick Pitch Shower Cubicle
  • Electrical: 335w Canadian Solar Panel, Victron 100/20 MPPT, Victron 20Amp DC/DC, Victron 800watt Pure sign inverter, Cbi 100ah Lithium Battery, Victron BMV712
  • Fridge: SnoMaster 56Dual Door with remote
  • Kitchen: Quick Pitch 60L Kitchen Unit
  • Water: MPI 114L Water tank
  • Geiser: Quick Hot
  • Seat Covers: Escape Gear
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