2016-Present Tacoma OME Lift Kit
2016-Present Tacoma OME Lift Kit

2016-Present Tacoma OME Lift Kit

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**This tool is intended to help you with budgeting for your truck build.  Please contact us for availability before ordering as back orders can happen.  Generally OME orders are fulfilled in 1-2 weeks.**  
Approximately 2"-2.5" of lift.  Please advise if you have a specific ride height desired are you may require addition or different parts.  Please provide information on how much extra weight your truck is carrying as this is a key factor to final ride height and performance 

Upgraded to the new Tacoma and want to dump the stock suspension? Look no further as we love the Old Man Emu product for it's price and quality! Tried and tested in the harshest conditions of Australia, this kit has been produced to be practical and fun! All of our kits include the following:

Parts Included are;

-Nitrocharger Sport Front and Rear Struts

-OME Front Coils

-Carrier bearing drop- spacer for reduced chances of driveline vibration

-OME Strut Trim Packer-installed drivers side to reduce chance of Taco lean

-Differential Drop-to reduce angles on CV's and increase life expectancy

Optional parts not included in this kit;

-Aftermarket upper control arms

-Front differential bushing upgrade

-Any factory seized parts not included in lift kit that may need to be cut out or replaced due to being seized

Weight Options:

Stock - Medium front springs and an ICON 3 leaf add-a-leaf with u bolts*please note this is different than seen on first picture

Medium load - Taller medium front springs and Dakar medium springs, bushings, U-bolts (0-110 LBS constant weight)

Heavy load -Heavy front springs and Dakar heavy springs, bushings, U-bolts (front/rear bumper, tire carrier, winch, etc...)

Labour includes;

-Removing stock coil over, disassembling to keep factory top hat.  Installing top hat onto OME front springs and Nitrocharger front strut.  Install front diff drop, carrier bearing drop and rear suspension add a leafs or complete spring kit.  Install rear shocks.  When all this is done we complete with an alignment.

Not included but highly recommended is applying anti seize to lower control arm cam bolts if not found seized.  Budget $70 plus gst for labour when done at same time of lift kit.  

Optional upgrades include new upper control arms, front coil over top plate spacers and front differential bushing upgrade.  Inquire to our team if you would like more information on these items.

This build can be completed in 1 day permitting there are no issues with seized parts. Please speak with one of our experts to find out some possible issues we commonly find with our installs.

1-2 week lead time
*Lead time depends on availability of parts and shop time*

Installation if selected is performed in our shop in Calgary, Alberta, Canada