Remote reservoir location, does it matter?

The simple answer we feel is yes.  

I don't think there is any arguing that remote reservoir shock absorbers look amazing and improve shock performance by keeping shock oil temperatures cooler and therefor helps reduce shock fade.

In this specific vehicle we installed the optional Fox universal remote reservoir bracket mounting kit. Our main catalyst for this modification was from a hole worn into the stainless steel line.  The Fox shocks come included with an aluminum bracket to secure the reservoir to the shock body, so the last shop used this to secure the reservoir.   After installation approximately 6 months ago the shock had turned, causing the hose to rub agains the upper shock mount and caused shock failure.  We really feel this new mounting location will significantly minimize this from happening again to our customer.  

Some other benefits can be;

-improved appearance making your reservoir more visible.

-even better cooling and performance by being mounted on a cool frame versus a warm shock.

If you do choose to mount the reservoir on the shock please make sure to torque your shock nut properly to minimize the shock from turning and when cleaning your shocks always check shock orientation to save you this expense.

In the situation you are not needing a replacement shock asap don't forgot these types of shocks can be rebuilt.  Unfortunately in this case it was going to be 3-4 weeks for Fox rebuild parts to arrive so we got a new shock overnight to keep the customer on the road safe.

Kyle George   

Mounted on shock style

Fox 2.0 Tacoma

Optional remote reservoir mount style

Fox reservoir mount kit Tacoma


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