3rd Gen Tacoma 3.5L Orange Virus Engine Tuning

Yesterday we completed our first Orange Virus tuning package for the 3rd Gen(2016+) Toyota Tacoma!  This recent install has fielded a lot of questions so I thought I should write this blog to help with all those great questions.  Below is a link to the Orange Virus website for most up to date information, these guys are always updating and improving!

Link to OVtuned website for more information!

Our first vehicle was a 2018 Toyota Tacoma DCLB TRD Sport with Automatic transmission.  Previously we installed a lift kit and 33" tires and it made the truck feel a little doggish.  On this visit we installed the OV tuning package and a set of Nitro Gears(4.88's).  I know the gears helped with the rejuvenation of the trucks driving experience but I do want to say I have a big smile on my face from this test drive!  

We hear a lot of dissatisfaction with power delivery and shifting points of the transmission.  In fact we commonly hear, I LOVE this truck except the way it shifts and wish it had a bit more power.  Thank you to OV tuning I just finished a very enjoyable test drive and feel they have done a great job!  

Our current price for the software installed on your 3rd gen tacoma with auto or manual transmission is $800 plus gst.  If you would like to have installed on your truck we suggest stopping by for a 5 minute visit where we scan your stock file.  After sending this file to OV and having it returned to us we would then get you back for another visit in a couple days so we can install the new tune built for your specific truck.  The tuning takes 24-48 hours to be done by OV.  

If you want to purchase the hardware and software to install yourself the price is $1100 plus gst.  Allow 2-3 weeks to special order from the USA for the version with hardware.

Please find below a short list of great features that we connected with!

-HP / TQ gains: 15-20 focused in mid range (2500-4500 RPM) TQ gains of 20-30+ ft lbs at 3200 RPM.

-OV tune kit is designed to work with stock and highly modified Tacoma 3.5L 2GRFKS to reflash the stock ECU for better driving / enhanced response, and more power.

- OV flash tune is non detectable

- OV flash tune (on a stock truck) has been emissions tested

- OV flash tune has been independently tested and shown to increase MPG on the Tacoma by 2-3MPG on average (91 octane) 

- OV flash tune has ECU protection - You cannot brick or damage your ecu from our software

- OV flash tune has ECU Lock protection -


  • The software can improve the 3rd gen shifting issues with and without different gears installed. New gear ratios are wicked on the 3rd gen but may not be necessary for all owners. The software is untraceable and will not affect any visitors to the dealer. We would recommend reaching out to our team at the shop if you would like to try out the OV tuning!

    Kyle George
  • Can the software solve issues without a regear? What about warranty?

  • The KRave KRew installed this sweet mod on my Tacoma last week, and boy what a difference! I would recommend the OV tune to anybody that has a 3rd gen Taco. You get access to more power and torque at lower revs, the transmission now shifts in the right spots, a noticeable gain in overall power at high revs and better gas mileage! With this OV Tune my biggest gripes of not enough power and poor highway driving experience are totally fixed!

    So a big thank you to Ryan, Kyle and the rest of the KRave Krew!

    Jordan T.

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