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What is an Elka 2.5 DC Reservoir? Is it right for you? If so how to tune your Elka suspension with DC! DC is a shortened way to to say dual speed compression, you may also see the abbreviation DSC.  This option can be found on Elka suspension when you...

What tire size is right for me? Since day one of being a Tundra owner I have used a lot of different tires, including all of these sizes!  P275/55R20, P265/70R18, LT275/70R18, LT33X13.0R18, LT295/70R18, LT35X1250R18, LT35X12.50R17 and LT37X12.50R17.I hope this blog can help save you buying as many tires as I...

What is a pre lift inspection? How does it help me? Getting a lift kit is a super exciting journey!  At KRave we really value your experience to be fun and for you to be safe.  We see great value for our guests getting a pre lift inspection on trucks that...

What is a KR package? KR Packages: I guess we should start with the funny way KRave has been spelt!  The founders of KRave are Kyle and Ryan.  Since Ryan and I(Kyle) were kids we always felt a powerful desire to modify our vehicles and we craved the next way...

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